"Brave Master" (IGDv2) Master
* when selecting the Neopixel Assembly, the blade is not included in the package.

Brave Master saber in Master configuration. With a fully removable detailed high quality polyamide 3D-printed chassis with crystal chamber.

You can choose an assembly with a standard bright TriCree Led or a connector from ShtokCustomWorx for Neopixel blades. This package is equipped with a high-end sound board Proffieboard v2.2 with the best sound algorithm to date. This build installed with a Bluetooth module with work Led indication to remotely control the saber via your smartphone using the ForceSync App. Also you can choose between the standart plastic and metal crystal chamber.

- Hilt made of polished and anodized aluminum alloy
- Hilt length 266 mm.
- The outer diameter in the grip area is 34.5-37 mm.
- Blade holder is 25.5 mm blade.
- Removable detailed high quality polyamide 3D-printed chassis
- Metal/plastic crystal chamber
- RGB crystal
- Proffieboard v2.2 (the latest firmware version at the time of saber assembling)
- Set of sound fonts
- Set of blade styles
- Ability to choose any color of the blade
- Bright TriCee Led/SCW NPXL connector
- High-quality Bass speaker 24 mm.
- Removable protected battery Keeppower 18650 at 3500 mAh. / Keeppower 18650 at 3400 mAh. depending on the build choice
- Recharge port 2.1 mm
- High amp kill switch
- Bluetooth 4.2 (optional)
- Bluetooth kill switch
- Bluetooth work Led indication
- Main and aux control buttons with accent leds

Delivery set:
- Brave Master lightsaber
- Blade (when selecting the TriCree build)
- Battery
- Battery charger
- Spare rubber rings
- Hex and spare screws

The end time of hilts production and saber assembling:
End of September - mid of October 2020 + 4-6 weeks of saber assembling.

And may the force be with you!
Any more questions? Feel free to write to us ;)

* production times may increase due to the number of orders

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