"Brave Master" (IGDv2) DIY Empty Hilt
Brave Master DIY Empty Hilt for self-installation. Accurate, detailed, inspired by master Ima-Gun Dis lightsaber.

All parts are made of a strong aluminum and brass alloy on high-precision CNC machines. Some parts are anodized in gray. All corners are smoothed for the most comfortable grip.

The length of the hilt is 266 mm, the outer diameter in the grip area is 34.5-37 mm. The diameter of the blade holder is 25.5 mm, and the main internal diameter is 28.1 mm. Thanks to the hilt design and internal space, you can install all popular electronics options. Also included is a custom heatsink that supports both standard Tri-Cree LEDs (and similar ones) and Neopixel connectors (you will need a special holder to install the connector). The heatsink has m2 holes for easy mounting in the chassis.

Delivery set:
- Brave Master hilt
- Custom heat sink
- Spare rubber rings
- Hex and spare screws

The end time of production:
The end of September - middle of October 2020

We wish you successful builds!
Any more questions? Feel free to write to us ;)

* production times may increase due to the number of orders

Think about chassis for the hilt?
We have already thought for you! Check out our store on Shapeways. There you will find detailed chassis for our hilts and can order them from the best quality materials that are suitable for you.
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