A few (or a little more) words about our sabers and workshop
In the Shen Sabers workshop, we produce high-quality sabers and parts for them. Our sabers are divided into 2 main categories:

The Combat Series are simple, ergonomic and reliable sabers, that will be happy to serve as your partner in a difficult battle. When developing the hilts of this series, we rely on the wishes of our customers - saberfighters, and sometimes even do the development together. Also, our hilts are turned on modern, high-precision CNC machines made of a strong aircraft aluminum alloy, so the coating of the handles is smooth, pleasant to the touch and without sharp ends. Thanks to this, you will not want to let go of your sabers even with intensive training.

The Collection Series is a detailed, accurate and functional sabers. Soon, everyone will be able to find the saber of their favorite character among them. Hilts for this series, as well as combat, are turned on modern machines from strong alloys of various non-ferrous metals. Also in the collection series sabers uses the most advanced components on the market for lightsabers. For example: the brightest TriCree LEDs XP-E2 series, Shtokcustomworx connectors for Neopixel blades, Proffieboard v2.2 sound board with the best sound algorithm to date - Smoothswing etc. That is why this series of sabers will fit perfectly into your collection/will be a good start to the collection, as well as at the right time will please you with extensive functionality.

Regardless of the series and configuration, all sabers are assembled by hands and pass a full quality check.

The products of our workshop are carefully and securely Packed and sent to different parts of our planet.
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